Checkpoint strata
The strata dual antenna system is able to cover a 6 foot entrance with just 2 detection posts. The strata is manufactured by Checkpoint Systems. Checkpoint is the second largest loss prevention business security equipment or electronic article surveillance dealer in the world. The strata is frequently seen in Target stores, which is a testament to their quality and style. The strata is a tranceiver antenna, this means the strata can detect a security tag with just 1 antenna. 2 antennas are needed to cover a 6 foot door as a single antenna will only cover 3 feet in either direction. White rails with red lights makes the Checkpoint Strata one of the most stylish security tag detection machines in major use. The electronic article surveillance machine you choose should meet your needs in addition to looking good.

Buy this Checkpoint Systems Strata Dual Antenna System refurbished with warranty.

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