ProMax Single Antenna System
Protect your store with the Sensormatic ProMax loss prevention system. The ProMax anti-theft detection system stops shoplifting by pick up UltraMax tags and labels from up to 4 feet away. A single antenna is perfect for a single door exit. Cover a 6 foot (double door) by mounting a single promax antenna in the center of the exit way. Two of these Sensormatic pedestals can be linked together creating an 8 foot aisle for customers to pass through, making this system ideal for oversized doorways. Use ultramax labels, and SuperTags or UltraGator hard tags to protect your merchandise. The ProMax retail security system operates with patented Acousto-Magnetic technology. All Sensormatic detection systems need to be professionally installed.

Buy this Sensormatic Promax Single Antenna System refurbished with warranty.


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